Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!

Speaker Intro

Our speaker today, David Markovitz, works with companies who want to help their employees become better leaders and excel in our rapidly changing economy. An author of the business primer, Becoming the Best, and a frequent speaker at business conferences and trade association meetings, David has worked with companies and spoken in more than 20 states and on three continents.

Today, he will portray President Theodore Roosevelt, presenting  strategies on "Living at The Speed of Change." His formal remarks will be followed by a "Press Conference" - an opportunity for you to ask questions. Your questions can be of a historic nature or on current events.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to win a Nobel Prize. He was a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army, Governor of New York, Vice President of the United States, and 26th President of the United States.

He was awarded the Medal of Honor on January 16, 2001, by President Clinton, for his heroism on San Juan Hill.

Please welcome, brought back to life by David Markovitz, President Theodore Roosevelt.


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