Teddy Roosevelt Energizes Meetings!

as portrayed by
David Markovitz
Leadership. It's what Teddy Roosevelt represented. It's what David Markovitz inspires.

I'm DEE-lighted
to be Back!





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Inspirational and educational programs for organizations that want to energize their meetings with lessons on Leadership, Courage, and Dynamic Change. Teddy will make your next event a memorable one.


David Markovitz is an expert on leadership. As Teddy, David inspires people to overcome the challenges and uncertainty we are facing with courage, boldness, integrity, character, and action. They will learn how to CHARGE forward (as Teddy did in so many ways), contributing to the strength and future of your enterprise.

In character as Teddy, David will regale your members with tales of his days as Rough Rider and President. Using anecdotes and stories from Teddy's life and career, David’s programs are educational and inspiring, as well as entertaining.

And it’s not just a speech! David involves his audiences in each program by conducting a Press Conference. Your people will get the opportunity to ask President Roosevelt questions, either of a historic nature, or on current events. People love this chance to interact with the President.

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